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                    姚仁喜 | 大元建筑工場為一個在臺北及上海兩地,匯集兩岸及國際間建筑專業相關人士所組成的亞洲建筑師事務所。我們的設計建案主要位于大中華地區,同時在美國、歐洲、非洲及南亞也看得到的我們的作品。姚仁喜︱大元建筑工場于1985年由姚仁喜建筑師所成立,除了譽為臺灣最佳的建筑師事務所之一,并享譽國際。姚仁喜︱大元建筑工場運用創意及關鍵設計過程,并輔以廣泛的專業經驗,我們的任務為提供高質量建筑設計。雖然建筑設計是本公司的核心,我們也提供整體規劃、可行性及用途分析的業務。大元多年的作品包括了文化、企業、商業、旅館、音樂廳/劇院、交通、教育、住宅、宗教、都市設計及相關等之大型規劃設計。

                  KRIS YAO | ARTECH is an Asia-based architectural firm comprised of more than 160 professionals with offices in Taipei and Shanghai. Our projects are mainly located in the Greater China area, but are also found in the United States, Europe, Africa and South Asia. Established by Kris Yao in 1985, the firm is hailed as the best professional practice in Taiwan as well as the most internationally renowned Taiwanese firm. Using a creative and critical design process supplemented with extensive professional experience, our mission is to deliver high quality projects. Although architecture is at the core of our practice, our involvement in projects often extends to feasibility studies, master planning, and programming. Our firm’s portfolio demonstrates years of practice in cultural, corporate, commercial, hotels, performing arts centers, transportation, education, residential, spiritual spaces and urban design.


                  在姚仁喜︱大元建筑工場這個團隊中 我們深信好的設計是成就這個事務所最重要的關鍵。

                  Our design philosophy strives to achieve excellence in design, by respecting and incorporating the needs of the clients, exploring the originality of the site context, and finding ways to employ innovative yet appropriate technologies, without being preoccupied in expressing the architect’s stylistic signature. The variety and breadth of projects in our portfolio convey that the range and depth of experience at KRIS YAOARTECH is one of its greatest assets. At the start of a project, a project team is formed and is actively involved in the design process through construction to maintain optimum consistency. In addition, a principal and an associate engage in every project to ensure quality and expert execution. We choose qualified consultants with a wide knowledge base and an emphasis on accountability to the client. We also often collaborate with renowned international professional consultants to execute large or complex projects. Here at KRIS YAO | ARTECH we understand that great design is most important in the success of our firm.

                  姚仁喜 | 大元建筑工場歷年來的精選作品收錄于多部作品集:如2001年出版的「Kris Yao/ Artech- Selected and Current Works」、2011年出版的「Architecture of Kris Yao」及2015年出版的「30x30“藝聚思”」專輯等。

                  KRIS YAO | ARTECH’s selected works have been widely published in international magazines, architectural journals, and various monographs, the major ones are: the 2001 published “Kris Yao/ Artech- Selected and Current Works”, the 2011 published “Architecture of Kris Yao,” and the 2015 published “KRIS YAO | ARTECH 30x30.”

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